I woke up right before sunrise. I had a cold and needed to drink some water.
The sky was in a pale shade of blue and slightly pink at the horizon.
The time couldn’t be more than half past 7.
I stood in the kitchen with my glass for a while and looked out the window.
A Sunday morning, no-one in the building was awake, just me with a glass of water. The dream I had came back to me, was I abroad… did I talk with my maternal grandmother?

There was snow and a car pulled over to the side of the road with doors open.
I couldn’t remember the storyline and the pieces didn’t make sense.
I put away the empty glass and went back to the bedroom, Erik was awake aswell. 

”What time is it?” He asked. 

”Soon to be 8 I guess” I answered. The sun would rise above the roofs any minute now.

I laid myself in bed again, pulled the covering up to my chin, closed my eyes and searched for any more clues of the dream. But there was none. I wasn’t tired at all. 
I rolled over to Erik and held him from behind, kissed his neck and he made that sound he always does when I am close to him.

The sun rised.

And the day was ours. Like always. 

Before sunrise, January 20 2019 (Polaroid 360 Land, FP-100C)

Before sunrise, January 20 2019 (Polaroid 360 Land, FP-100C)