The sun only rises and sets once every year in Antarctica and the polar ice caps of the Arctic Ocean.
If there is a hell, it is surely the eternal night of snow and ice.

 Anohni, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

Anohni, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

I’m thinking of the photographs I've seen of starving polar bears floating on small pieces of ice on an endless ocean. I think about the seagulls caught in plastic on the frozen shores of the Antarctic peninsula.
I often listen to the climate subject work of Anohni (f.k.a Antony Hegarty).
The most direct ”Another World” from the album ”The Crying Light” and ”Manta Ray” collaboration with J. Ralph from the documentary
”Racing Extinction”. In both songs, the world is dying in a very soft and almost comforting way, as if you are slowly going through euthanasia. No-one is noticing the world collapse around us, tree by tree, choral reef by choral reef, songbird by songbird. The forest will be all quiet and the oceans a great emptiness. A friend of mine had a classmate who took his own life when he started to learn what we did our world. He couldn’t take the pain we all did to our mother earth. How can we do what we are doing to our world. Slowly killing everything in it with ourselves included.

I have a friend who is a Jehova’s witness, and she is calmly telling me that the world is not going to end. She strongly believe that when the end is close, Jehova will save us. 
But why should someone/something save us from what we did to it?

 Still from the music video for "Manta Ray" by Anohni and J.Ralph

Still from the music video for "Manta Ray" by Anohni and J.Ralph

Anohni takes another approach to the climate change in her song ”4 degrees” from the album "Hopelessness". She, with her heavenly voice, tells the world what will happen if the worlds temperature rise only 4 degrees. Fish will be lying with their bellies up in the ocean.
Everything will be burning. You cant deny the biblical grandness of it all.

Soon we all will be living in the described hell in the bible. A book of fiction, that have come to reality.

/Thobias Malmberg