Prästgårdsgatan, June 1 2018 (Polaroid 600) Thobias Malmberg

3 years in October.

Feet, June 2 2018 (Polaroid 600) Thobias Malmberg

Feet, June 2 2018 (Polaroid 600) Thobias Malmberg

I moved from the suburb of Årsta and for the first time I settled down in a area north of Stockholm. If you are born and raised south of Stockholm, like me, there is some rivalry between the southerners and the northerner. I couldn’t imagine seeing myself live here, where everything was old, trashy and no nature like the ones in the south.

But somehow I ended up here.
Like it was ment to be.

Prästgårdsgatan (in english Rectory Street) and our building is right above the blue metro line. Some evenings you feel the house shaking of the vibration when the trains pass underneath you. 

Self-portrait, June 2 2018 (Polaroid 600) Thobias Malmberg

Self-portrait, June 2 2018 (Polaroid 600) Thobias Malmberg

The church bells from the Sunday mass is blasting in to our bedroom at 11.00am making it impossible to speak to each other for some minutes. A moment of peace and silence in a metallic echoing of Sundbyberg.

I find the pleasure to listen to Erik Satie while watering all the plants in our apartment. Spraying all the leaves to ”Gnossienne no.1” and see the water collects to drops on the monstera and slowly fall to the old wooden floors. Watching the seasons change outside from green to grey.

On day like this, when its 29 degrees outside, and you go down to the metro 40 meters under ground and cool down. Having a pastis on the balcony while reading a good book.

I never thought I would ever like this place. But I cant see myself live anywhere else.

/Thobias Malmberg