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We drove from Le Tréport early in the morning, it was raining, and we drove to the closest supermarket to buy breakfast and lunch. Baguettes, some ham, cheese, French yogurt and champagne. We wanted to drive as close to the coastline as possible, but somehow we came to a dead end on the countryside. We left the car and started to hike through the forest of ivy and hortensia just to see the ocean. As we walked by a lighthouse we saw the horizon through the foliage, but the path ended with steep hill blocked by a thicket so we never did see the shore. 
Just a line of horizon with foliage in the foreground.

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I still hear the waves hitting the white chalk stone in Étretat. It was like a deep roar from England on the others side of the channel. I miss the sun on our skin, the way you walked with your striped shirt and new straw-hat we bought at the market.

We sat on the shore eating ham and drank champagne and realized that we just reached the peak of pleasure with our European trip.


2500 kilometers away from home and we were exactly where we wanted to be. And we did it on our own.

Just us two.

/ Thobias Malmberg